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Exclusive Summary

SharesMarket. Inc launched in early 2005, SharesMarket is the online marketplace for private investments. Today, the SharesMarket platform efficiently connects more than 45,000 institutional and individual investors with nearly a billion dollars worth of private company securities.

Our members have unparalleled access to a wide variety of private company investment opportunities, real-time transaction data, company information and independent research to make informed investment decisions.

With billions of dollars in completed transactions and approximately $20 billion in private company stock available for sale, SharesMarket is one of the largest secondary market for private company shares.



Sharesmarket Online Trading Platform built specifically for private company securities. With Sharesmarket Online Trading Platform, private companies can raise capital, investors can find quality private company investments, and shareholders can trade private company securities, all in a highly-efficient, transparent and controlled manner.

Sharesmarket Online Trading Platform supports both private offerings and secondary trading of private company securities through its electronic trading platform and offers a large market of pre-qualified and authorized investors. In addition, it provides company-controlled access to private company information, both for due diligence and ongoing reporting purposes.

Shareholders and investors are no longer forced to wait for a liquidity event, such as an IPO or M&A transaction. Nor do they need to sell their shares to a secondary fund at a significant discount. We believe that our online trading platform offers a more efficient, controlled, and cost-effective solution than existing bulletin boards and phone-based brokerages due to the efficiencies that our technology creates.



None of the information displayed represents a public offer to bid or ask any securities. SharesMarket is a passive bulletin board that enables its registered members, who are sophisticated buyers and sellers of private company securities, to view existing portfolio items held by other members that may be available for purchase as well as items of interest to prospective buyers. SharesMarket provides a forum for the interaction of buyers and sellers, who have met the qualifications of the SharesMarket vetting process.

SharesMarket has also provided sample legal forms online to give buyers and sellers a starting point for their interaction. SharesMarket does not (i) advise its users on the merits of a particular investment or transaction, (ii) assist in the negotiation, transaction or financial dealings between the parties or with the issuer, (iii) provide legal or transactional advisory services to its users, or (iv) participate or invest in any way or allow its employees to invest in or participate in any way in bid-ask transactions between its members. No contract can be entered into on this website and no transaction is processed or cleared by SharesMarket.

SharesMarket is not a registered broker-dealer or registered securities exchange. SharesMarket is not registered as an Investment Advisor with the Securities and Exchange Commission or any state authority.

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